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Commercial Wheelchair Lifts


Commercial Wheelchair LiftsCommercial wheelchair lifts vary from residential lifts, mainly due to the availability of a wider set of optional features or alternate configurations. Weight capacity for commercial wheelchair lifts ranges from 550 to 750 lbs., with a standard lift height of 53 to 96 inches. Because commercial structures may have greater variation in obstructing elevation heights, commercial platform lifts also offer a greater range of height expansion, allowing some lifts to be extended to access elevations as high as 171 inches. The lift platform may also come in optional variable sizes to meet code requirements in a multitude of locales.

Residential Wheelchair Lift


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Due to the size of commercial wheelchair lifts, these lifts usually do not come fully assembled, with the exception of the 53-inch AmeriGlide Hercules Platform Lift. Commercial wheelchair platform lifts may offer the same optional battery backups as residential lifts, and some also operate off of a constantly-charging battery unit to begin with. Commercial units often come with a wider variety of standard and optional safety features, such as emergency stop controls and alarm buttons. Commercial lifts are often keyed to comply with code requirements, or for security purposes, such as to limit accessibility to certain areas to employees only. While straight-through access is standard on commercial lifts, such models are more likely to offer alternate entry and exit configurations as needed for the application at hand. Most commercial wheelchair lifts can be programmed to stop at three separate points along their tracks.


Regulatory laws governing mandatory specifications of commercial lifts vary greatly from one locale to another. Before ordering a lift for use in a business, it is highly recommended that you check with your local elevator inspector to make sure the lift you purchase meets minimum safety standards and applicable building codes as required by law.




Commercial Wheelchair Lift Summary


  • Weight capacity: 550-750 lbs.
  • Height: 53"-96" (height expansions available)
  • Variable lift platform sizes
  • Optional battery backup ensures operation during power outages; some models are battery-operated and AC-charged by default
  • Keyed controls, emergency stop, and alarm buttons available
  • Wider range of configuration options to accommodate your business needs while still meeting code
  • Check with inspection authorities to ensure code compliance prior to installation


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