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Vertical Platform Lifts Introduces New Virtual Lift Builder


March 22, 2010 - Watkinsville, GA - Vertical Platform Lifts, an online specialty retailer of platform lifts for wheelchairs and mobility scooters, has added a helpful new feature to their website: the Virtual Lift Builder. The Virtual Lift Builder is a visualization tool that allows prospective buyers of a wheelchair lift to see a graphical representation of the unit they are configuring. Using this tool will help customers better understand the arrangement of the vertical lift and the available options.


First-time buyers of vertical platform lifts are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possible arrangements and configurations of the device. It can be hard for a layperson to determine the most appropriate lift height, the desired angle of access, the best landing areas, and which options to look for. This is one reason why most of Vertical Platform Lifts' customers also consult their local contractor throughout the process.


With Vertical Platform Lifts' Virtual Lift Builder, customers can actually see what their wheelchair lift will look like once fully installed. Visitors can look through all the available options and configurations through the Virtual Lift Builder's interface until they find the one that best suits their home, place of business, or public facility.


Vertical Platform Lifts is excited about the new feature on their website. "This is a tremendous tool to offer our customers. I think it will cut a great deal of time and confusion out of the buying process," said Chris Johnson, Vertical Platform Lifts' VP of Sales. See the Virtual Lift Builder in action.


Vertical Platform Lifts is one of the leading online vendors of wheelchair vertical lifts and has served thousands of customers since its inception in 2001. Their site can be found at www.vertical-platform-lifts.com and they have a telephone staff on duty seven days a week.

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