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AmeriGlide Hercules II Hybrid-Residential/Commercial


Manufacturer: AmeriGlide     OEM Code: AMGTVPL-750I

AmeriGlide Hercules II Hybrid-Residential/Commercial


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Quick Stats

  • Lifting Capacity: 750 lb
  • Standard Lift Height: 156"
  • Maximum Lift Height: 375"
  • Lift Speed (FPM): 24
  • Shaft Installation Required: Yes
  • Arrives Assembled: No
  • Drive System: Winding Drum
  • Battery Powered: Yes
  • Constant Pressure Platform Control: No
  • Alarm Button: Included
  • Platform Size: W 34"-36" x L 54"-60"
  • Optional Platform Size: Custom: W (30" to 42") x L (46" to 66")
  • Platform Configuration: Straight-Thru Access
  • Optional Platform Configuration: Same Side Entry-Exit, 90 Degree Adjacent Access
  • Maximum Stops: 5


  • Hercules Hybrid installation in an arena with the door closed
  • Hercules Hybrid installation in an arena with the door open
  • Beautifully installed Hercules Hybrid VPL
  • Hercules Hybrid Vertical Platform Lift
  • Hybrid VPLs look perfect in your home or business
  • Showing Shaker Cab
The AmeriGlide Hercules ll Hybrid-Residential/Commercial is an attractive solution for transporting users from floor-to-floor without the restrictions of an elevator, while also serving as a more complete solution than most vertical platform lifts.

The lift is battery-powered with an ultra-quiet cable and drum drive system. When the lift is not in use, the battery charges using a standard 120v circuit, allowing for multiple trips during a power outage. Users will enjoy quick travel between floors at 24 FPM

Perhaps best of all, there is no need for a mechanical room or overhead clearance, as all mechanisms fit between the rails within the hoistway. This allows for the Hercules ll Hybrid to be installed in areas with minimal available space.

NOTE: The Hybrid lift is capable of lifting heights up to 433" but is limited to 168" in commercial applications without a variance from the AHJ.

If you think that AmeriGlide Hercules ll Hybrid-Residential/Commercial is a suitable solution for your home or commercial project, call and speak with an AmeriGlide specialist today. We will work with you in identifying the project requirements and assist in finding the most ideal and cost-effective solution for your application.

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