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Elite Residential Elevator


Manufacturer: AmeriGlide     OEM Code: WD9500-2

Elite Residential Elevator


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Quick Stats

  • Applications: Residential
  • Capacity: 950 lb
  • Maximum Travel Distance: 48' 5"
  • Cab Dimensions (standard): 36" W x 36" D, 36" W x 48" D, 48" W x 36" D
  • Cab Dimensions (optional): 36" W x 60" D, 42" W x 54" D, Custom Sizes Available
  • Speed (per minute): 40'
  • Drive: Standard Overhead Winding Drum, Optional Roped Hydraulic
  • Type: Machine-Room-Less
  • Cab Heights: Standard: 6' 8" (80"), Optional: 7' 0" (84"), 8' 0" (96")
  • Max Landings: 7
  • Overhead Clearance Required: 6' 8" cab requires 102", 7' 0" cab requires 106", 8' 0" cab requires 117"
  • Power Requirement: 230V with 30amp circuit / 110V with 15amp circuit
  • Pit Depth: 8" minimum, 12" recommended
  • Emergency: Emergency phone, emergency stop switch
  • Safety: Slack cable switch and wedge safeties, final limit switch, integrated interlocks, emergency stop switch. All safety features required by ASME A17.1, section 5 (National Elevator Code)


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A precision helical beveled gear-motor assembly is mounted at the top of the guide rails. This machine assembly raises and lowers the elevator via two 3/8 inch elevator grade steel cables. The motor and brake are controlled using a Variable Frequency Electronic Drive System that ensures excellent ride quality and low noise levels. Electric door locks and gate switches ensure the safety of the passengers inside the elevator and bystanders at the floor levels. The Elite Elevator is perfect for coastal installations or where there is a risk for potential flooding. Benefits of Our Elevator are: Smooth and Quiet Ride Compared to Other Elevator Systems Less Maintenance than Other Elevator Systems Most Electrical Equipment at the Top of Elevator Shaft so Less Expensive if Impacted by Flooding Our Winding Drum Elevators do NOT Require a Machine Room (Takes up Less Space in your Home!)

The Elite Residential Elevator is a practical addition to any multi-level home that serves disabled or elderly individuals.

The Elite can be completely custom built for your home's space and decor. With hydraulic or winding drum drive systems available, you can choose which will be best for your home. A large selection of interior finishes and materials allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your residential elevator, so that it can truly be made for your home.


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