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Residential Wheelchair Lifts


Residential Wheelchair LiftsMost residential wheelchair lifts have a weight capacity of 550 to 600 lbs. They range in height from 50 to 72 inches, though some manufacturers offer expanded lift heights, especially on tower wheelchair lifts - large residential vertical lifts designed to help a user clear as much as an entire story of elevation. The height of some tower lifts can be expanded to as high as 12 feet. Most residential wheelchair and scooter lifts come completely assembled, with the exception of the tower lifts, which often require additional assembly to reach the needed lift height.

Residential Wheelchair Lift


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Many residential wheelchair lifts offer a battery backup as an optional feature, so that you won't be shut out of key areas of your home during a power outage. Other lifts constantly run off the batteries, which continuallly draw their charge through a standard AC outlet; if power is lost, the battery still has enough power to continue operating the lift. Most lifts operate on a constant-pressure control, meaning that the lift only moves when the operation button is depressed; if you release the button, the lift stops moving. Keyed controls are a common safety feature available on many residential lifts; without the appropriate key, the lift will not function. This is an excellent safeguard for households where small children live or visit frequently, and prevents both accidental injury and unauthorized access. Some wheelchair lifts also feature optional emergency stop buttons as an extra safeguard.


The vast majority of vertical wheelchair lifts for in-home use are straight-through access, meaning that the wheelchair enters on the front side of the lift platform, then exits through the back side upon reaching the desired elevation. Consult with your installer or contractor prior to ordering your lift, because your home may require an adjacent-access configuration, allowing a user to exit to the left or right side (this is a must for corner installations). You may also prefer a model with same-side entry and exit, so contact our platform lift experts to determine which configurations are available on your desired model.


The majority of residential lift systems allow for only two stop points: bottom and top. However, tower lifts may allow for three stop points, so ask a wheelchair lift expert about how many stop points a lift features before purchasing one if you need a lift system that can stop at several points along its track.


Residential Wheelchair Lift Summary


  • Weight capacity: 550-600 lbs.
  • Height: 50"-72" (though tower lifts can be expanded to as high as 144")
  • Optional battery backup gives you mobility even during power outages
  • Keyed controls offer safety and security; constant pressure controls give you full control of lift movement; optional emergency stop buttons also available on some wheelchair lifts
  • Straight-through access is usually standard, though alternate configurations are available


Questions? Call 1-800-791-6831 today to speak with a wheelchair lift specialist.

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