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Knowing Your Options: Vertical Wheelchair Lift or Ramp?


A ramp would take up far more room than this vertical wheelchair lift does to provide access to this low porch.If you are mobility-impaired, especially if your impairment requires you to use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, you will likely need to install some devices to facilitate travel around your home. Even single-story homes may feature elevated steps between interior portions of the house or leading up to an exterior door. These elevations present obstacles for a wheelchair user.


In years past, the most common option for circumventing such obstacles was to install a ramp. However, a modular ramp solution can be extremely costly and take up a large amount of space. For example, a ramp designed to clear a height of 3 feet could be as long as 36 feet. At a cost of about $175.00 per foot, you'd end up spending $6,300.00 on a ramp designed to clear a mere three-foot obstruction. Additionally, the acreage of your property may not allow for the addition of a ramp without procuring an easement from a neighbor or getting special permission from local or state authorities to violate a highway right-of-way.


By comparison, choosing a vertical wheelchair lift for your mobility needs may allow you to altogether avoid these complications and expenditures. An average residential vertical wheelchair lift costs about $3,900.00 and can clear a height of at least 4 feet. That's a third more effective and nearly 40% cheaper than a ramp solution, and a lift takes up far less space than a ramp.


Your individual needs as a home user or a business owner will shape your buying decision when shopping for a vertical wheelchair lift. Know the minimum building codes for both residential and commercial structures in your locale before making your selection, and contact a manufacturer for advice on how to properly measure the area where the lift will be used. A good lift salesperson draws upon his experience with previous clients and pays attention to your specifications to help you make a smart purchase. If a salesperson can't answer these questions, contact someone else who can - and keep trying until you find someone who is attentive to your necessities. With diligence on your part and the aid of an experienced and conscientious salesperson, you can get the vertical wheelchair lift that suits all your needs.


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