Vertical Platform Lift or Home Elevator: Which One Is Best?

This vertical wheelchair lift makes this balcony as accessible as an elevator would for a mere fraction of the cost.If you want to make your home more handicapped accessible, there are a number of options available to achieve this goal. Vertical platform lifts and home elevators are becoming more popular for those individuals willing to undergo structural alterations to their home in order to facilitate accessibility. Making a decision between the two depends on your preferences and, of course, your budget.

Home elevators are a good way to integrate not only the functionality of catering to handicapped individuals, but also add a certain grace and elegance not often seen in contemporary homes. Elevators come in all shapes and sizes. Even the run of the mill home elevators have a luxurious appearance when compared to many of the lift options that are available. It is a much more affordable elegance than a luxury elevator. Many of the luxury models contain glass doors and cabs and different speeds. These are even available in luxurious, premium finishes. This is one of the most expensive options. In some cases this can be a good option if it is not exponentially more expensive than a lift as these are usually much more aesthetically pleasing than the other alternatives.

Vertical platform lifts are a good way to make any home handicapped accessible. Vertical platform lifts are one of the most economical options, and while they require a lot of space for a proper installation, you'll seldom spend more money preparing a given area for a vertical lift than you would in renovation costs to make an elevator installation feasible. These lifts are much like a simplified version of a contemporary elevator, but are more for utility than appearance. If you have the space to install a vertical platform lift, it is a great alternative to a much more expensive home elevator.

Weighing all of the options available is the best way to find what works best for your home. If you or a loved one is handicapped, making your home accessible is a very important task. Know that there are many options and just as many professionals out there that are willing to help accommodate your home's renovations. In most cases, your budget is an important consideration - and in our experience, vertical platform lifts are the most cost-effective solutions for home accessibility compared to the alternatives.


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