Wheelchair lifts for residential, commercial and portable needs.

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Wheelchair Lifts


Vertical Platform Lifts is proud to offer a wide selection of wheelchair and scooter lifts for vehicles, businesses and homes.


Our external wheelchair lifts are hitch-mounted units which attach to the rear of your vehicle. External lifts are designed to work with a variety of vehicle types - we carry lifts for cars, vans, SUVs and even RVs and motor homes. The required hitch class is denoted in each product description, allowing you to easily identify which external lifts are compatible with your personal automobile.


If you prefer a lift solution that allows you to carry your scooter or wheelchair inside your vehicle, we recommend that you browse our internal wheelchair lifts. Some of these lifts utilize the existing second- or third-row seat hardware, though some do require a custom installation. Several internal lifts also feature drive-on loading, allowing you to drive your scooter or wheelchair onto a platform and load it via the rear or side door with a mere push of a button.


Our vertical wheelchair lifts are designed for homes as well as businesses, municipal buildings, and other public locations which require accessibility solutions. In addition to powered stationary platform lifts, we also carry portable lifts, which are ideal for use in churches and theaters with multiple entryways and exits, and manual lifts, which ensure that you can bypass height obstructions even during a power outage.