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AmeriGlide Elite Plus Residential Elevator


Manufacturer: AmeriGlide     OEM Code: AMGVIC2STOPI

AmeriGlide Elite Plus Residential Elevator


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Quick Stats

  • Applications: Indoor
  • Capacity: 1,000 lb
  • Maximum Travel Distance: 50 Feet
  • Cab Dimensions (standard): 36" x 84"
  • Cab Dimensions (optional): 42" x 42" or 42" x 48"
  • Speed (per minute): 40'
  • Drive: 1:2 Roped Hydraulic
  • Cab Heights: 84" or 96"
  • Max Landings: 4
  • Overhead Clearance Required: 84" Cab Requires 96" or 108", 96" Cab Requires 108" or 120" (Manual or Automatic Doors)
  • Power Requirement: 220 VAC Single Phase
  • Pit Depth: 12"
  • Emergency: Emergency lighting, Emergency Lowering with DC Backup, Emergency Stop Alarm
  • Safety: Dual Rope, Commercial Level Mechanical Brakes, E-stops on both Pit and Car Top, Shoring Blocks for Safe Technician Working


  • Control Panel
  • Installed in a Home
  • Acrylic Sliding Gate
  • Stainless Steel Cab
  • Wood Cab
  • Shaker Cab
The all-new redesigned Elite Plus. Fully Extruded Aluminum Rails come in lightweight modular sections. Provides ultra-smooth ride and reduces installation times drastically.

Modern cab design comes standard with brushed aluminium trim, stylish luxury cab choices, clear acrylic cab gate and modern LED lighting. Removable panels allow for easy future design changes. Full commercial rated digital variable speed valve and digital position indicators also come standard!

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