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AmeriGlide Juno Elevator


Manufacturer:      OEM Code: AMGPOJUNOELEI

AmeriGlide Juno Elevator


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Quick Stats

  • Applications: Indoor
  • Capacity: 507 lb
  • Maximum Travel Distance: 13'10"
  • Cab Dimensions (standard): 22" x 30"
  • Cab Dimensions (optional): 34" x 30" or 34" x 50
  • Speed (per minute): 16'
  • Drive: Traction
  • Motor/Pump: Battery Driven Motor
  • Warranty: 1 Year Standard, Extended available up to 5 years
  • Type: Traction
  • Cab Heights: 71", 75", or 79"
  • Max Landings: 2
  • Power Requirement: Dedicated Protected 110VAC
  • Emergency: Alarm and Emergency Phone
  • Safety: Sensors on top and bottom, Overspeed Brake


  • Door Open
  • Folding Seat in Cab
  • LED Overhead Lights
  • Can Deliver You to the Bedroom
  • Can be Placed Next to Stairs
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Smooth, Flush Entry

The Juno Residential Elevator is our newest and most innovative elevator yet! This fully customizable, compact, and multi-level elevator is a convenient and fast way to stay aging in place for now and in the future. A smooth and quiet through the floor travel, the Juno Residential Elevator includes external controls on each floor, Bluetooth controls as well as inside the cabin. You’ll be able to access all levels of your home, quickly and easily! 

Built with you and your space in mind, the Juno Residential Elevator doesn’t require a shaft to be built into the wall, which means very little construction during the installation in your home.

  • We use elegant finishes throughout to make sure that elegance and luxury are top of mind
  • A quiet, compact through-the-floor elevator designed to provide the comfort of reaching the next level of your home effortlessly
  • With a wide range of options, the Juno Residential Elevator can easily be suited to fit your home style
  • Other elevators can be bulky and take up a lot of space, but the Juno is sleek and its design allows for maximum space.
  • Smaller footprint than other elevators
  • Fully customizable to fit your home and style
  • Battery backup ensures your elevator will still be in use during a power outage
  • Installed close to the wall — not attached
  • Expert and fast installation
  • Digital control system allowing easier installation, servicing and user experience

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